Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Heart that almost stopped

My heart raced so fast; I could feel blood at my throat,
I tried swallowing it hard and I was scared if it did make a sound
I curled; I was so tempted.
He was beside me, I could feel his warmth
I wonder why would I want to
Screw it! I don't care
I broke the pen which I clasped so hard 
It did make an incision but it was not as deep as the scar within me
I smiled, I loved that bloody scar
He was startled, but he got used to it somehow
Only he could tolerate the insane me
And I like him for that 
That chocolate man, had a different taste, a different story
I held him so close and pressed my lips against his
Damn! Those feelings bursted.
I did not think twice nor did I hesitate
I wanted his kiss more than anything at that time
I did not let him go and he held me closer
I could feel his strong hands clinging unto my waist
and I bit him gently 
I could feel the hunger and so did he
We smiled; and at that point I knew no regrets