"Welcome to the Numb Noobs"

You know what is more hurting than holding your pee in your almost exploding bladder?

- Being betrayed

Wait, let me add some sprinkles to that cupcake- betrayed by someone you know for so many years, and for some incident there was a withdrawal of conversation and then zzaap- you are sold to betrayal

After a very long time, I suffered from my depression attacks. I never cried due to personal issues in the church (not even for my break-ups) but this incident made me a cry baby. God knows how many people were thinking I am suffering from something so hard to digest- well that part was right; but least they would think of betrayal- maybe diagnosed with a disease, break up (typical) and etc

I do not cry that easily (now I am not saying that it is good or bad to cry) but I do not like to be seen crying- I cannot bear seeing others looking at me with smudged mascara, exaggerated eye-bags, swollen nose and a mental breakdown. No- I just can't; I am more than that

So, after the service, I ran to my car, let the tears pour down till my tear ducts were exhausted and I am all good to go. Guess it is a process to sanctify before you enter the "Welcome to the Numb Noobs" - in which my membership just got better; I am Platinum card holder now

Seriously - never get too attached, because if you are, you become connected and then you become hyper-sensitive when your expectations are not met- so save yourselves some drama- be a numb noob and yes you are most welcome to the club. The membership is free and valid for life-time


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